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To “generate” means to create something new, something that haven’t existed before.
Generative coaching is mindset modelling that induces insights, new ideas, and new solutions.

Individual Coaching

Focus is only on you, your desires, goals, and needs! Only you are important!

Team Coaching

Creates sustainable synergy, uplifts team spirit, and enhances team productivity.


Use your team's conscious and unconscious resources for excellent results.

I do not judge. I do not criticize. I do not patronize.

Hello, I’m Manuela. I’m a habitual optimist, occasional entrepreneur, average golfer, and a generative coach trained in mindset modeling in Silicon Valley by the renowned expert Robert Dilts.

My professional experience can be divided into two stages – corporate experience and upgrade…

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Did you know?

Human brains have evolved in three stages.

The oldest and lower part called the reptilian brain is a commonality among all vertebrates, and controls the functions fundamental to survival, such as respiration, heart rate and digestion.

The middle structure called paleomammalian brain includes the limbic system, and is the part of the brain involved in the creation and control of emotions and memories.

Located on top of these ancient structures is the cerebral cortex, which is the largest and most developed part of a mammal’s brain and is responsible for our cognition, encompassing our attention, perception, awareness, judgement, decision-making, learning, planning, and language.

According to the world’s leading scientists, only 5% of our behavior is determined by our cognitive conscious mind. The remaining 95% of our decisions, emotions, and actions are the result of the programming of the ancient structures of our brain, known as the unconscious mind. 

Here comes my role. I can help you utilize more of these 95% of your unconscious resources. We craft your vision, we transform your fears, we boost your productivity, and subsequently your results become notably better. All you need is a proper mindset and skill set.

Feedback from my clients?

Manuela helped me transform my limiting beliefs. I was able to observe my business from the outside, and to build a strategy with custom goals that correspond to my worldview and values.

Rositsa ChopevaPartner at xFigureFinance

Sessions with Manuela Draganova gradually lead to an improvement. My motivation, creativity and ambition to reach my own horizons were affirmed with each subsequent meeting. I recommend her methods. Anyone who has goals should find the best way to achieve them.

Vencislav YovkovEuropean Projects’ Consultant

During our work, Manuela transformed some of my personal barriers, and this change had a positive impact on my business immediately. The results we achieved were “magical”. I feel free and motivated, and most importantly - I found the right way. Thank you, Manuela!

Polya PetkovaOwner of a travel agency

I trusted Manuela as a professional consultant for my public presentation. She helped me structure my speech, outline the key moments, and perform with passion. My presentation was warmly embraced by the audience. I was congratulated for many months from people who attended that event.

Veneta DimitrovaManager and owner of a group of companies for business services, financial consultations and marketing

From Manuela I understood in depth what coaching is. I also realized it fits especially well with my temper and attitude. Now I know that I have all the resources needed, and with the right professional questions from Manuela everything becomes clear.

Gena SabevaManaging Partner at Sabevi Group Ltd.

NPA “Culture Without Borders” has worked with Manuela Draganova for a few years on a project establishing positive attitudes in parents of children with type 1 diabetes. Trainings were beneficial, constructive, and resultative. We recommend Manuela to everyone looking for innovative and effective training.

NPA “Culture Without Borders”Nonprofit organization

Manuela helped me specify my short and long-term goals, both in my professional and personal life. She helped me make many important decisions that changed my life for the better. I recommend her. Every single LEV I invested in this coaching returned to me a hundred times.

Elina HristovaBusinesswoman, entrepreneur

Manuela was my mentor at the Business Lady Mentorship Program during the fulfillment of the "Online Help For You" project. Thanks to her guidance, support, and collaboration, in just three months I launched the project that I couldn’t initiate for more than two years. I want to thank Manuela for the support, patience and her faith in me. It’s a privilege to have a mentor like her.

Zoya MavrovaFounder of Online Help For You

Generative coaching experience that not only changed my mindset but also enriched and channeled my thoughts and goals in a direction that I wesn’t able to discover before. I highly recommend generative coaching to everybody. Just experience it.

Nikolay MitovChef and entrepreneur

Thanks to Manuela, I realized and discovered deep inside myself some negative qualities, which, however, turned out to be my most valuable resources for what I am creating. I recommend working with her 100%!

Martina Petkova

The meeting which I had with Manuela was one of the most amazing things that I have ever experienced! She showed me different perspectives of my thoughts and carefully asked me questions, which made me really think about what I can change for the better.

Magdalena BorisovaStudent at University of Evansville, IN, USA

I like Manuela’s innovative approach that includes unlocking the potential self-development methods and agile business consulting, that she can provide due to her various corporate experience. Manuela is genuine in her support and always overdelivers for her clients.

Stacy PavlovaFounder of SHIMANI Smart Skincare


Generative coaching is one of the best accelerator practices, delivering excellent results.


Satisfied clients who have successfully reached their goals and increased their quality of life.


More money. After a series of coaching, three out of four clients report revenue growth.

Manage and increase your productivity, self-esteem, financial results, social status, and quality of life.

Individual Coaching

Focus is only on you, your desires, goals, and needs! Only you are important!

Team Coaching

Creates sustainable synergy, uplifts team spirit, and enhances team productivity.


Use your team's conscious and unconscious resources for excellent results.

Morning coaching with Manuela

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