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Mindset hacks for every day. 

psychological safety

Psychological Safety or Freedom to be Yourself

Research proves psychological safety means the freedom to be yourself In 2012, Google invested millions of dollars to discover the secret of productivity. What sets
growth mindset

Principles of Growth Mindset

Learn more about the principles of the Growth Mindset at our mindset workshops. Growth Mindset is one of the most exciting and powerful concepts in
shades of beliefs

Shades of Beliefs

You can find more about the shades of beliefs at the “Belief Audit” mindset workshop. Beliefs are a state of mind when a person accepts
Silent movies as a resource

Silent Movies as a Resource

Silent movies as a resource are a simple but super effective tool to find the truth in our interactions when words and actions don’t match.
Let's talk about mindset

Let’s talk about MINDSET

Let’s talk about why MINDSET matters so much. De facto, each of us has one phenomenal perfectly arranged super-hyper-ultra-powerful biocomputer with limitless memory. That’s our
Einstein's formula of success

Einstein’s Formula of Success

Einsten’s formula of success is my ultimate generative tool. “If A is a success in life, then A equals x plus y plus z. Work is x; y is play; and z is keeping your mouth shut,” Albert
thought disinfection

How to disinfect our thoughts

This thought disinfection recipe was generated during COVID-19. Usually, people have the skills to handle stress on a short-term basis, especially if they have a
TRINITY OF LIFE FORCES Tenderness, fierceness, and playfulness

Trinity of Archetypal Energies

Trinity of archetypal energies. Tenderness, fierceness, and playfulness are the They are at the core of our human nature and play a key role in

Willpower. Is it cool or hot to have it?

Тhe willpower can be defined as the ability to resist short-term temptations to meet long-term goals. Is it cool or hot? This can only happen
recovery after crisis

Recover after crisis

The ability to quickly and efficiently recover after any crisis is one of the essential entrepreneurial requisites. You can learn to recover and endure through