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Growth Mindset Workshops are guiding you to the next level of conscious leadership, impactful interaction, self-awareness, and self-management. 

Best for everyone. Must for high-performers.

Mindset Upgrade

Scaling requires the next level of consciousness and leadership skills.

Productivity Boost

Inspires creativity. People generate new ideas and find unique solutions.

Ownership Effect

Stimulates profound connections, proactivity, and accountability.

Sustainable Results

Establishes habits for personal development and mindful prosperity.

mindset workshops


Mindset Workshops combine mindset modeling, neuroscience, and applied psychology.

Workshops are based on the Success Factor Modelling methodology and the best accelerator practices on well-being and high performance.

All progressive companies demand leaders who will pass on company values, inspire people, and unite teams. Ideally, leaders with a growth mindset and desire to thrive.

The bundle of four workshops provides this kind of sustainable mindset shift.

Workshop duration

4 hours


large groups/small groups

Additional support

when needed


English and Bulgarian

Price per workshop

1800 euro/VAT excl.

Mindset Shift Bundle

4 workshops

mindset workshops


Cultivating a growth mindset is one of the most exciting and powerful concepts in the modern entrepreneurial world. Growth Mindset is based on the belief in constant learning, improvement, and change.


  1. Electricity is the universal language of our nervous system.
  2. Utilizing the Reticular Activating System.
  3. The Five Principles of the Growth Mindset
  4. Applying the Growth Mindset

Humans, like all other creatures, are first and foremost survival mechanisms. Maintaining safety is our highest priority.

Our anxiety is a call to action generated by the perception of threat. It is a survival mechanism and all the negative feelings that worrying is causing us are necessary feelings.

By learning how to manage anxiety we can prevent burnout and increase productivity.

  1. Nature of anxiety. Brain waves.
  2. Anxiety Cycle
  3. Three Main Safety Strategies
  4. Four ways to manage worries

Deep dive into beliefs and values.

Our beliefs determine what meaning we give to the events that happen to us and around us.

Our beliefs are at the core of our reasoning about the cause, the meaning, and the limits of things. And by things, we mean the world around us, our behavior, our capabilities, or our identity.


  1. Biology of Beliefs
  2. Belief Audit
  3. Empowering & Limiting Beliefs.
  4. Cycle of Belief Transformation
  5. Mindset or My Set of Beliefs

This workshop aims to unlock pitching skills beyond words. According to the rules of impactful communication the way we say something is much more important than what we say. Nonverbal communication dominates the verbal one.

We can use our bodies, and especially our mirror neurons as an asset. This way our interactions will make a greater impact and we will be recognized.


  1. The Mehrabian’s rule of communication.
  2. How to use our body as an asset.
  3. Acquaintance and utilization of the mirror neurons – neuronal formation responsible for social interaction and empathy.
  4. Ten fundamental guidelines for impactful pitching.