Meta-training to increase team productivity

Use your team's conscious and unconscious resources for excellent results.

Metamorphoses of mindful prosperity

MetaTraining is a two-day intensive workshop that boosts productivity by mindset modeling of the team. 

The methodology incorporated in the training has been successfully used by hundreds of companies in Silicon Valley, Europe and Asia. MetaTraining combines coaching, neuroscience, and modern applied psychology.

Metaphor. Metamorphosis. What they have in common is the prefix “meta”, which means “beyond” in Greek. In generative coaching there’s a term, “meta-position”, which is the position that provides a broader perspective over the situation and allows a comprehensive understanding of the dynamics and relationships in the area. The notion of looking from above is rooted in the core of the MetaTraining. By seeing the bigger picture, everything becomes clearer – the vision, the roadmap, the hurdles, and their solution.

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2 days – 16 hours

Time Frame

From 9:30 a.m. until 5:30 p.m.


Up to 12 people


4,400 BGN/ VAT incl.

MetaTraining is team booster productivity booster

Day 1

Clarifying the vision of the team and setting a point of reference. Uniting team members around the desired outcomes through goal setting and task distribution. Risk analysis and resource mining. Introduction to the essence of the unconscious resources and the possibilities of the collective intelligence with respect to the mission of the team.

Day 2

Metamorphosis of the team and mindset modeling. Transformation of the fears, doubts, and limiting beliefs existing in the field, and installation of new empowering beliefs with respect to the mission. Synchronization of individual and collective features of the team members. Establishing sustainable generative habits.

Advantages of MetaTraining


Scaling to the next level of synergy and mindful prosperity of the team members.


Strengthening personal commitments as people feel more significant and safe.


Stimulating collective intelligence and establishing sustainable generative habits.


Inspiring proactivity and creativity of the team becomes evident in better performance.

Who is MetaTraining designed for?

MetaTraining is appropriate for innovative companies and organizations in fintech and other IT areas that strive for mindful prosperity.

MetaTraining is an effective method for both proven market leaders and start-ups.

You don’t need a degree or any education to make the most out of MetaTraining, you only need a dose of proactivity and an open-minded approach.

Intensive two-day training to increase productivityMetaTraining

BGN 4400

VAT incl.

Intensive two-day training to increase productivity

• Small group of up to 12 people

• 16 hours of intensive training

 • Free one-on-one session with the team leader before the Metatraining

• Certificates for all participants for completed enhanced productivity MetaTraining


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Are there other options?

Of course! Don’t hesitate to contact me in case you don’t find what you’re looking for. Since you have the will, I’ll do my best to meet your requirements.

Corporate perks

You can consider an exclusive corporate service, tailor-made especially for you and your team. Feel free to contact me and share your needs.


Generative coaching is one of the best accelerator practices, delivering excellent results.


Satisfied clients who have successfully reached their goals and increased their quality of life.


More money. After a series of coaching, three out of four clients report revenue growth.

Feedback from my clients?

Generative coaching experience that not only changed my mindset but also enriched and channeled my thoughts and goals in a direction that I wesn’t able to discover before. I highly recommend generative coaching to everybody. Just experience it.

Nikolay MitovChef and entrepreneur

Sessions with Manuela Draganova gradually lead to an improvement. My motivation, creativity and ambition to reach my own horizons were affirmed with each subsequent meeting. I recommend her methods. Anyone who has goals should find the best way to achieve them.

Vencislav YovkovEuropean Projects’ Consultant

During our work, Manuela transformed some of my personal barriers, and this change had a positive impact on my business immediately. The results we achieved were “magical”. I feel free and motivated, and most importantly - I found the right way. Thank you, Manuela!

Polya PetkovaOwner of a travel agency

I trusted Manuela as a professional consultant for my public presentation. She helped me structure my speech, outline the key moments, and perform with passion. My presentation was warmly embraced by the audience. I was congratulated for many months from people who attended that event.

Veneta DimitrovaManager and owner of a group of companies for business services, financial consultations and marketing

From Manuela I understood in depth what coaching is. I also realized it fits especially well with my temper and attitude. Now I know that I have all the resources needed, and with the right professional questions from Manuela everything becomes clear.

Gena SabevaManaging Partner at Sabevi Group Ltd.

NPA “Culture Without Borders” has worked with Manuela Draganova for a few years on a project establishing positive attitudes in parents of children with type 1 diabetes. Trainings were beneficial, constructive, and resultative. We recommend Manuela to everyone looking for innovative and effective training.

NPA “Culture Without Borders”Nonprofit organizations

Manuela helped me specify my short and long-term goals, both in my professional and personal life. She helped me make many important decisions that changed my life for the better. I recommend her. Every single LEV I invested in this coaching returned to me a hundred times.

Elina HristovaBusinesswoman, entrepreneur

Manuela was my mentor at the Business Lady Mentorship Program during the fulfillment of the "Online Help For You" project. Thanks to her guidance, support, and collaboration, in just three months I launched the project that I couldn’t initiate for more than two years. I want to thank Manuela for the support, patience and her faith in me. It’s a privilege to have a mentor like her.

Zoya MavrovaFounder of Online Help For You

Informal program framework


None of us is as smart as all of us

Ken Blanchardauthor of the bestseller One Minute Manager

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