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Seven seminars in seven months creating growth mindset habits. Best for scale-ups and large companies.


7 months

Seminar duration

3 hours


Large groups


Generative Mindset ILC

Bilingual service

English and Bulgarian


On demand

mindset modelling


All the expanding companies demand fresh leaders – those who will achieve results, unite teams, and pass on company values—ideally, people with a positive mindset and desire to grow personally.

Companies have two options: start searching and recruiting new leaders or create and nourish them from within their teams.

If you prefer the second strategy, consider the hybrid program or the bundle of mindset workshops wrapped in an encompassing leadership program.

The curriculum of Meta Training seminars:

1. Own Your Change
2. Own Your Universal Resources
3. Own Your Mindset
4. Own Your Empowering Beliefs
5. Own Your Limiting Beliefs
6. Own Your Stress
7. Grow Your Mindset


Meta Training is based on the Success Factor Modelling methodology and the best accelerator practices on well-being and high performance. Combines mindset modeling, neuroscience, and modern applied psychology. Provides sustainable growth mindset shift

Mindset Upgrade

Scaling requires the next level of consciousness and leadership skills.

Productivity Boost

Inspires creativity. People generate new ideas and find unique solutions.

Ownership Effect

Stimulates profound connections, proactivity, and accountability.

Sustainable Results

Establishes habits for personal development and mindful prosperity.