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The focus is only on you, your desires, goals, and needs.
You are important!

Personal bundle

6 months

Frequency of sessions

Every three weeks

Duration of sessions

As long as necessary


Online or in person

Personal care

Additional support on short notice

Bundle price

2800 euro/ VAT excl.

If you need to develop a growth mindset in private, we can meet one-on-one. I highly recommend our sessions be repeatable, not occasional. This way we can meet your expectations.

Please make an inquiry and I’ll invite you to a free-of-charge “ask me anything” conversation. This meeting doesn’t imply a commitment from either side. If we decide to work together, we assign your schedule, fix our first appointment, and get going.



All the resources, knowledge, and skills are in service of your goals.


Your confidence, ambition, and motivation massively increase.


Your trust is secured through a binding commitment to privacy.


Friendly zone. You have the freedom to be yourself with no judgment.