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Stuck in life like at the airport

stuck at the airport

Sometimes we get stuck in life just like at the airport terminal.


Imagine the following scene:

You are making an intercontinental flight from Australia to Berlin via Singapore when, during the refueling in Singapore, all flights are canceled. There’s a great storm outside and your flight will be delayed at least four hours until the wind calms down.
“Stay calm and make yourself comfortable,” invites an airline agent kindly. Suddenly, the internet at the airport dies, and mobile phones have no connection. There are no newspapers, books, TV, or radio. Only people. Nobody panics, and people remain calm. All they have to do is wait until the storm is over.

Look around.

Which person in this multinational crowd full of strangers might be “your type”?
What do you like about him/her?
What would you talk to him/her about?
Pay attention to what interests you in this person. Why exactly him/her?
What would you recommend to him/her?


Now, let’s change the point of view.

If you were trapped in real life for hours at the airport far away who would like to to spend your time with? And who else?
Come up with at least three names.


Why don’t you call or text them right after you finish reading this article?

Sometimes we get stuck in life just like in this mind game with the airport. No matter how clever,  successful, or mindful we are, we all get stuck. Because we are human beings above all. In moments like this, we need our significant others more than ever.


The airport mind game is a tribute to those who matter to us.

Please remember that we always have a choice to move on doing nothing or to acknowledge those who matter to us today. Me? I chose to pick up my phone and dial my mom.

How about you?

Be proactive.